Roadrunner Burrito Supreme Handlebar Bag

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The bags we have online are the bags we have in store and ship immediately. We don't offer the customization available on RR's website. 

The Burrito Bag has been a rad product in our shop for the past year and since then a lot of people have been asking us for a larger bag. Well we are always down to accept a challenge, and with that the Burrito Supreme was born!

This bag is double the size of our current burrito bag and comes with a rear stability strap, hard plastic liner and removable mounting straps for handle bars of all shapes and sizes. Also you will see a strip of Nylon Webbing (Mollee system) on the front for use of strapping anything to your bag!

Attaches to the bars with removable CAM Buckles and a 3rd head tube swap to secure it from bobbin' n' weavin' when you're busy bobbin' n' weavin'.

Thank you Folly for all of the rad photos and inspiration!

Weight: 4oz

Dimensions: 8" x 5" x 5"