Ten Speed Hero

Tenspeed Hero Cloud Socks

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Generally, humans spend too much time looking down at the ground instead of up at the clouds. We know sometimes people have to do this, especially if they are trying not to get in a bike-on-car crash but, still, don't you wish we could just walk around like sunflowers; our heads angled towards the sun in order to soak up all the natural light we can? While this ignorance of the terrestrial hustle and bustle may yet be possible, we have come up with a temporary solution for that desire to escape! Now you'll get an image of puffy clouds and primary blue sky anytime you have to look down! We hope these brief escapes from images of dark pavement and icy roads will transform your commute into a voyage towards Casa Malaparte - a place where warm sun, tan lines, and primary colors abound.  

Composition: 60% Nylon, 39% COOLMAX® EcoMade, 1% Lycra®

S:4.5 ~ 6.5
M:7 ~ 9
L:9.5 ~ 11.5
XL: 12+