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Contingent Jersey

Designer: Ham Cycles


It's not quite parody and not quite plagiarism, but this jersey is heavily influenced by Magdalena Fernández's 2iPM009

3 Rear pockets on both the long sleeve and short sleeve version.

*Some sizes require a 2 week delay for production. Chart for reference only and does not guarantee a fit
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2iPM009 (2009) belongs to a body of works which Fernández calls "Mobile Paintings". On the black projection screen, light and animation give rise to a complex fabric of forms: dots become lines, lines become cross structures and thus there develops an ever-denser network of white horizontals and verticals, which appear like vibrating plus and minus signs. They are reminiscent of Mondrian's early compositions with horizontal-vertical subdivision, such as his sketch series "Church Facade" or the painting series "Pier and Ocean" (1914/15). For Mondrian, these studies with densely juxtaposed, short black bars on a white background marked a decisive step away from the reproduction of nature and spatial illusion, towards a non-representational, surface-bound painting style. Fernández takes these elementary geometric forms, which Mondrian originally derived from nature, and ties them back to nature. This involves the interrelation between geometry and perception, as well as one of the central concepts of concrete-constructivist art: that geometry is to be understood as a universal form of expression for all phenomena.

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