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Mantra - Graphite & Teal

Designer: Retrospec

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Single Speed/Fixed Gear

Mantra’s high-tensile strength steel diamond frame is ideal for urban riding. Sealed bearing hubs ensure a smoother ride and longer lasting wheels. Equipped with a flip-flop hub, Kenda commuter tires, double-wall deep-V rims, machined braking surface, dependable KMC chain, horizontal dropouts, and more, Mantra is ready to ride and built to last.

Mantra comes standard with sealed cartridge bearing hubs to keep your bike clean and healthy. Less dampness, water, and grime can get into the delicate parts of your bike when the hubs are sealed. This means less required maintenance and a longer living bicycle.

Mantra comes installed on the single-speed side. This is a bike you can ride regularly and quickly and easily transform into a fixed-gear whenever you like.

We have very high standards. Every single element that goes anywhere near our bikes undergoes serious scrutiny. The Kenda commuter tires we pick have a unique tread with water dispersion grooves. There is more surface area on these tires and water travels through the channels on the tire. This means you have more traction and better grip on the road but also minimal resistance. The double-wall super deep-V Star rims with a machined braking surface and the always dependable KMC chain ensure a smooth ride.

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